Book Review: A Christmas Story a Day  

Gah! Christmas can be a stressful, breathless. list driven and exhausting time. Or. You can purposefully slow down, reflect and embrace the joy. Louise Richards’ book A Christmas Story a Day is a thoughtful tool to choose joy this season. This clever book provides a story a day to read through each day in December. It’s a fiction lovers advent!I was drawn in to this treasure trove of believable characters and stories. Each story calls the reader to ponder the meaning of Christmas. Available on amazon for Kindle or print copy this is a fun way to slow down this Christmas season. – Quirky Faith

Just hear those sleighbells jingling…

Twenty-five stories for twenty-five days of Christmas – it’s an adorable concept and sure to delight anyone who revels in the yuletide spirit, especially if you enjoy the religious side of the holiday. The stories are short and sweet, and the writing has that cozy, simplistic, fairytale feel that goes nicely with a cup of tea. There are some small proofreading errors, but nothing more serious than a missed comma here and there. In short, A Christmas Story a Day is a fluffy, Hallmark-style treat for the holiday diehards among us.   –      Bookish Creature

Book Review: A Christmas Story a Day

There is something about the Christmas season, isn’t there? It is a season steeped in nostalgia and tradition. Decorations, music, food and events all seem to play an important role as we enter the time after (or even before) Thanksgiving. Some of these traditions span generations and others are crafted as we join the traditions of our families through marriage. What a beautiful time of year it is, no matter what the days hold, when we think about how all of our anticipation reflects the Savior’s long-awaited arrival into the world he came to redeem.

The short stories in A Christmas Story a Day by Louise Richards summon up all of the nostalgic feelings and magic surrounding this time of year. Just as with those classic Christmas movies we can’t help but watch year after year, Ms. Richards crafts her stories to draw out what we love most about Christmas. The anticipation, the hope and the peace our world is most anxious for. In a season that is often busy with preparation the stories in this book promise to give a few moments of respite in the days leading up to December 25th as the reader enjoys one Christmas story each day.

Many of the stories in A Christmas Story a Day portray the real suffering and hope of people in the past as well as present. There is the story of a grieving husband and father, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, during the Civil War. He is mourning the loss of his wife while at the bedside of his injured son, reflecting on the peace that they so longed for. For the nation at the time and for the souls held in slavery. The words of his poem, Christmas Day, intricately woven through the story.

In the present day is found the story of police officer Sgt. Murphy who is divinely guided to take part in a rescue that promises to become a Christmas miracle. Through it we are allowed to glimpse into the grief that has lead him to this point in his life and see how God uses a tiny life to draw the sergeant near to himself once again. Each story in this book is unique and draws upon all of those cozy feelings and traditions we love about this time of year.

Louise Richards has found a niche that works well for her storytelling style. Her stories embody what we all love about the Christmas season and they are nicely bound up in this “advent calendar for the reader.” Readers will enjoy cozying up with a cup of tea and A Christmas Story a Day during this month of December.    –  Faith Family Friends